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Liquidate a company in Georgia

We will help to officially close a company in Georgia or carry out liquidation through the sale of a company.

Close a business in Georgia From $850

Close a company in Georgia

  1. 01. Close the company through the liquidation of a legal entity – from 1 to 4 months.

    Pay off all debts. Apply to the Registry. Pass a tax audit.

  2. 02. Liquidation through the sale of a legal entity – from 0 days

    Pay off all debts. Submit an application to change the owner of the company to the Registry. Appoint a new head of the company in the Registry. Notify the tax service about the change of the head and owner of the company.

  3. 03. Close a company with debts

    Specify the amount of debt. Change of the owner of the company. Change of the head of the company. Conditions are individual.

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